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Am I a candidate
for BAHS?

A bone anchored hearing system (BAHS) can be a good solution if your hearing loss is due to problems in your outer or middle ear, or if you are deaf on one side. This is because it bypasses these parts of the ear and transmits sound directly into your inner ear.

Find out if you’re a candidate

Both adults and children can be fitted with a BAHS system if they have conductive and mixed hearing losses, or if they have a unilateral profound hearing loss, also known as single-sided deafness (SSD). The secondary indication category includes people who have other physical characteristics or medical conditions that make wearing a conventional hearing aid impossible.

Children who are either too young to have an implant or have a temporary hearing problem can wear the sound processor with a softband. This is a flexible and adjustable band available to fit different head sizes.

A bone conduction hearing implant can be successfully used by adults and children* with:

  • Conductive hearing loss
  • Sensorineural hearing loss
  • Mixed hearing loss
  • Single-sided deafness
  • Ear canal and middle ear problems
  • Malformations of the outer ear, such as atresia and microtia
  • Hearing loss caused by chronic ear infections